Core Services:

Reader Service: NLB provides reader services. It has three large size Ac. reading rooms (one for Bengali Materials, one for English Materials and one for Newspapers).

Reference Service: National Library provides reference services from its multidimensional Character of National Collections to researchers, citizens and various reference information needing institutions.

Bibliographical Service: National Library provides Bibliographical services on request to the potential research scholars of various universities/institutions or to the personal level.

Photocopy Service: Research category Members of the National Library can avail photocopy service for research purpose at the rate of Tk.2.00 per impression for books, Tk.3.00 per impression for records/reports and Tk.5.00 per impression for Newspapers (Unbound issues)

ISBN Service: To recognize our books Nationally and Internationally, ISBN allocation service is provided by the concerned publishers and individual authors from the National Library as per stipulated policies of the ISBN .Authority, London. Bangladesh is to pay ISBN Subscription to ISBN authority, but National Library does not take any fee from the ISBN allotted

Internet Searching and E-mail Browsing Service: NLB provides internet searching and e-mail, browsing service to the researchers and potential users.

Microfilm Reading Service: Microfilm reading services are given in some selected subject areas to the concerned research scholars in the light of the requirement.

Map Service: One of the important services to the users is map reading services, This service is Provided under special arrangement only to the research category users.

Lending Service: Generally, there is no lending of books in NLB. However, government offices, agencies libraries, institutions as exception can avail lending facilities for official purpose upon a formal letter from the chief of the organization to the Director of the Directorate of Archives and Libraries .

Utility Service: NLB has one 300 seated A.C. Auditorium for its own occasional usage .However interested and relevant persons/organizations can use this auditorium on payment basis obeying the stipulated procedure of the Government.