NLB at a glance

NLB Building: The Foundation stone of the National Library Building was laid down in 1978, construction of the Building was completed in 1985 and the National Library started functioning in its own New Building in 1986.

Wing Activities: All technical/professional activities relating to National Library of the Directorate are coordinated through Chief-Bibliographer/Deputy Director as the head of the library wing.

Manpower Strength: The total number of approved posts is 63, including Director and establishment section (Chief Bib/Deputy Director - 1. Officers- 6 and Staff- 55.

Book purchase Allocation: Yearly budget allocation for Foreign and local Books Purchase of National Library Tk. 40 Lacs.
Rules, Regulation and Law Concerning NLB: National Library enjoys and exercises the power of Legal deposit regulation under the Copy Right Law of the Country. The National Library Law of its own is Under Govt. Process.

Collection Items: Intellectual property (Printed) i.e. Books, Journal, News Paper ,Magazine, Manuscript, Puthi, Map, first Published research oriented foreign Books, Books written by Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB), and any Books Published in abroad Pertaining to Bangladesh etc.

Total Collection: Approximate Collection number of National Library is about 5 Lacs, however the number of processed and useable titles are more than 2 lacs.

Beneficiary: Research scholars, writers, Publishers, Literary Personal, Professional, Learners, Cultural activists Administrators, policy makers, Intelligentsia and general citizen, Libraries an other Department of Govt. are the beneficiaries of NLB

International Concerned: National Library is country Member of IFLA, ISBN Intentional Agency, CDNLAO, UNLNET, ACCU, LC.

Ongoing project and PPNB: One Development Project (TK.9.31 crore) titled Modernization of Bangladesh National Library and One Programme (TK. 36.84 Lac) on Training for Skill Development of National Library Personnel are under implementation

Revenue Income: National Library is a revenue earning govt. wing . About 5 Lac taka per year is earned as revenue from various sources of NLB e.g. membership fee, renewal of membership card, photocopy services and library auditorium renting etc. The realized amount is deposited to the concerned head account of the govt. through stipulated process.

Machinery and Equipment: NLB has acquired 6 scanners, 2 servers, 3 photocopy, Machine, one Audiovisual set, C.C.T.V. Intercom system, projector, automatic fire protection, Access control door system etc.

Website: Directorate of Archives and Libraries has its own website where NLB is our of two wings. However, another dynamic Website is at final stage which will be exclusively for the National Library of Bangladesh.

Software: The National Library of Bangladesh has adopted 2 two Software i.e. koha for integrated Library systems and services and Greenstone for online Library System Services.

Training: All officers and 32 nos staff members of National Library have undertaken in house professional refresher Training course on various topics from Jan-June 2013.