Collection: The Collection of Bangladesh National Library (NLB) is the nation’s pride. The principal characteristics of its collection are that it covers all major disciplines and branches of human knowledge i.e. Literature, Cultural Heritage, History, Arts, Archaeology, Science and Technology, Medical Science, Engineering, Economics, Agriculture, Library and Information Science, Management, Development Administration, Environment, Woman Affairs, HRD, Law, Service, Rule, etc. The Collection is preserved in scientific manner. In addition to country’s all possible new publications published in Bangladesh every year, the library use to acquire foreign books especially on Asian countries and more specific related to South Asian Studies. The library enriches its collections by various means i.e. acquiring publication under copyright act, purchase, institutional/personal donations, complimentary copies, etc.

Collections in Details:

1. Books: Approximate number of reading/ other information materials is above 5 lacs , however the number of processed and usable titles are more than 2 lacs. The strenth of the collection is as follows:

2. Number of preserved Bengali Dailies Titles 103
3. Number of preserved Bengali Periodicals Title 150
4. Number of preserved English dailies Title 31
4. Number of preserved English Periodicals Title 8
5. District Gazetteers(from British period) Titles 309
6. Number of Maps 1687
7. Microfilm Roll 59 nos.(1875-1926)
8. Microfiche 1500 nos. (1985-1992)

  1. Total Collections under Copy Right Law (1968-2012): Both Bengali & English = 63570 copies
  2. Total Collections under the Copy Right Law (2013):
  • Bengali books = 3570 copies
  • English books = 75 copies